Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Done Catching Fire

Done reading Catching Fire, book 2 to the Hunger Games Trilogy.


Same violence. Same Katniss. Even back to the same Hunger games.

At the first part of Catching Fire, I found it less intriguing than the first book. I don't know maybe I just got hooked up with the action inside the arena. But I can never doubt the suspense from the beginning all through out the end.

Didn't see it coming that Katniss and Peeta, together with other victors, will be back at the arena for the 'Quarter Quell". That's how cruel the Capitol is.

Remember what I said from my previous blog of Hunger Games about Peeta? Well... Peeta never changed. It's like action is not for him. But words. It's how he speak. That's his best trait. While Katniss, I can say, became much stronger. She now has more confidence that gave her rebel side more dangerous than ever.

At the end of Book 2, the real deal was finally revealed to Katniss. At least at this point, she knows she's not alone.

Now, she have real allies.

I will take a break with Hunger Games Trilogy first and get back with Mortal Instruments Trilogy. I miss Jace and Clary. Time for City of Fallen Angels.

Soon will get back to the final book of Hunger Games, Mockingjay.
Can't wait!

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