Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fashionably Slacked

After being absent for a long time on LookBook, now, I'm sharing you my comeback look =)

From my top, to the maxi skirt, plus the accessories... I got'em all from Landmark Dept. store. 

Being fashionably slacked on my outfits is one of my favorite style. Hope you like it too!

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Long Time No Blog!

I've been waiting for myself to get in the mood to write about our SG experience. Well, it's not because there's nothing good to say about the country, it's just that, I don't know where to start giving praises to that lovely place.

When we arrived at our hotel - Strand Hotel (which I have to say is a good place to stay for tourists), it's almost dinner time. Lucky for us, our place is just infront of the  famous Kopitiam foodcourt, where you can choose from a variety of extremely tasty dishes. And this is the fun part... Kopitiam is open 24 hours!!! All I can say is I just can't get enough of those delicious mouth-watering food! Our favorite is the Thai Fried Rice which ordered everyday! haha I also get to try some other dishes!

Okay, enough with the food. I'll be back with that later.

After getting gorged, we just took a walk along Orchard Avenue, took pictures, a little window shopping and then got back to our hotel, if only the malls are still open til midnight, we might've stayed out longer but the shops are already closing at 10pm.

The next day, day 2 to our SG trip is Universal Studios!!! Well, before getting to Sentosa where Universal Studios is located, I had to commend about our transpo service - it's a new Toyota Super Grandia and we have it all by ourselves plus the driver/tourist guide. hihi Very convenient and we feel very special! haha Chos! I can't explain or further talk about what we did inside because it's too much fun! But I can show you pictures!!!

We were dead tired when we got back in our hotel but we didn't let it stop us from going out again! Time is precious when you're in a vacation tour. We decided to check out Bugis market, which is also near our place, maybe around 3 blocks away. We got there by 9:30pm, I guess. Then we were able to buy some pasalubong for friends and relatives. Bugis market is like a tiangge full of clothes, shoes, bags,and food everywhere! The goods are not
really cheap at all, although you can still find some few items that is worth the money. But like a loser like me, I wasn't able to find anything that'll be worth it for the little amount of money I have. Boo! I only got pasalubong, which is fine with me, at least I have gifts for my friends back home =)

For our third day, it's our half-day tour around the city. We went to the real Merlion, China Town, a chocolate shop and drive thru some other places of the city.

That same day, after our half-day tour, Kuya Joel arrived our place and taught us how to ride the MRT. Alas! I was able to
use Noel's card for the fare. hihi We rode the MRT going to the cable car. CABLE CAR. This is one of the highlights of our trip.
I thought I wouldn't get scared getting in it but when the cable car started to come out the building, I started to froze and 
braved myself and then after a minute or so, I was finally calm.

The cable car is heading to Sentosa where we're gonna see Underwater World. It looks the same as Ocean Park in Manila with its aquarium tunnel but I guess this Underwater World is much older. We also went to see Dolphin snd Sealion show.
See photos. 

After the show, we went back to the city (also by cable car - imagine that). We met with Hazel and Zoe and ate at Raffles.
The place is more like an outdoor foodcourt. YUM YUM!

After sa sumptuous dinner, we went to Orchard Ave by MRT and just stroll along the street with lots of beautifuls sights and people
to see.

So that's it for my SG experience. I just really have to publish this blog now. This has been a draft since last month. So bear with me if I suddenly ended this one coz I just have to move on now =)

Hope you enjoy!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Missing In Action

I know! I know! I've been missing in action for a while now. So to those who miss me, here's a picture of myself! hahaha

There you go! hihi

Promise to blog about something soon. I haven't even blogged about our SG getaway. So yeah, watch out for that.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Welcome To The Manila Zoo Jungle

"Manila Zoo has a land area of 5.5 hectares and has a current population of about 500 animals. There are 106 species, among which are 30 different kinds of mammals, 63 reptile species and 13 types of birds. In addition to popular zoo occupants such as elephant, tigers lions and the hippos, Manila Zoo also houses several endemic and indigenous species of animals like the bearcat, long-talied macaques and crocodiles.
Located along Adriatico St., Manila, the Zoo also has canteens, souvenir shops, boating rentals at the lagoon and several playgrounds that cater to children and tourists.

With a good mix of education and entertainment purposes, the Manila Zoo does its best to appeal to everyone.

Hmmm. That last paragraph is a bit off for me. Can I say 'best' is not the right word for it? Sorry for that.

Yesterday, Noel and I decided to go to Manila Zoo just to spend our Saturday a bit different. And it's my very first time to go there so I was like a little kid excited to finally be there.

When we got there, entrance fee is 40pesos for adult and I think 20pesos for kids. They have special discount for people who lives in Manila and media as well. You can just show them your ID with your Manila address. Lucky us, Noel brought his Regal ID. So we only payed 40pesos for both us =)

When we got in, you'll already smell the stinky odor of the place. You won't get away from it, of course, there are hundreds of animals inside. You'll just have to understand that. 

Just check out our photos inside Manila Zoo!

Those are just some of the animals inside. It's just disappointing to see that their "home" aren't maintained well enough. You just won't see it on my photos, of course. I don't want to take pictures of that. Even some of the animals are not that healthy. I really hope they'll have more funds to take care of them. 

You'll also get to see Kinder Zoo inside. You'll have to pay 100pesos as entrance fee so you can take unlimited pictures together with the animals inside. They only have few animals but they are well taken care of. I just hate it whenever I remember that Noel and I could've just entered Kinder Zoo first before paying 100pesos to take picture with the birds and another 100pesos for the albino snake outside Kinder Zoo.

Can I just say that Kinder Zoo's caretakers are the best! They are really accommodating and the friendliest! They're even the ones asking if you already have taken pictures together with the animals inside. They also volunteer to take your picture. 

If you decided to go to Manila Zoo, take the left side first so you can already find Kinder Zoo =)

Check out our photos inside Kinder Zoo!

Isn't it wonderful? You'll have fun with the animals up close! Kinder Zoo also offers wall climbing and zipline but we weren't able to try it. There's also a mini pool inside. That's kind of awkward. haha Maybe some kids wants to swim!

You can also check more about our trip through Noel's vlog. He will be posting it soon on YouTube. Just visit his site:

So there, that wraps up our trip! All I can say is it's FUN FUN FUN!!! It was a Happy Saturday for me! Wait for more trips soon!