Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm Straight! :)

Back to straight! And I'm loving it! :)

Movies and Stars

I told myself I'mma start to write reviews about the movies we've watched but here I go again, too lazy to make one. Let me just enumerate the movies Noel and I have watched and then rate them from 1-5 stars (1 - being the lowest and 5 - the highest).

Mirror Mirror **
John Carter ***
The Hunger Games *****
Wrath of the Titans ***
Battleship *****
Titanic 3D *****
Moron 5 and the Crying Lady *

Sorry for my "star" symbol. Can't find a decent one on my ipad keyboard.

So there you go.

More movies to rate soon!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ain't Got Nothin' To Do

Since I ain't got nothin to do this whole day, Imma try to blog about anything I could possibly think about right now.

Now, I'm here in our office trying to convince myself that movie curing is NOT a boring thing to do. I haven't done this stuff for quite a while now. Haha Want to know what movie I'm curing? "Stupid Cupid" starring the 80s Regal Babies, Snooky Serna, Richard Gomez, Pops Fernandez, Martin Nievera, Manilyn Reynes and Janno Gibbs! So what can you say about that? :) This is what I call "busy-busyhan" coz the boss is coming over and this is the only thing I could think of doing. I can't go to Noel to the other unit coz no one will be left here in Adobe. I just really hope the boss changed her mind and just have her meeting somewhere else. Not that I'm hiding something but it feels... just different whenever she's around.

Hmmm I just suddenly thought of something that can make me visit this plain blogsite of mine and make it more interesting ---> I hope so.

Since we are priviledged employees of Regal, we were given our own MTRCB Deputy pass! Meaning, we can watch ANY movie we want in ANY cinemas in the Philippines for... (wait...)
For FREE!!! Yeah! We are that lucky son of a gun! Haha And with that, maybe, just maybe, I could write a review about the movie we watched! The Hunger Games will be showing this week and I think this could be the best time for me to blog about it. Coz you know I have blogged about the book, right? This ought to be goooood! :)

So there, I hope I'll be in the mood to write a review about all the movies we'll be watching in the coming weeks! Yey! That's that! Happy Monday y'all!!!

Can't Get Enough of Mr. Bass

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year y'all!!!

I miss blogging but I still too lazy to make one. I'm just here to greet everyone a Happy New Year! Excited to what's instore for me this 2012. Let's all hope for a great year ahead. Imma make this year mine! Make it yours too!