Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Horror Of It All

Just watching local news about the executions of three Filipinos in China.

I suddenly realized what would I feel if I were in their place? What would I care in those little time left for me? What would I think? What would I feel? To what will I be scared of?

I'd be crazy and then blank. 

Then I felt FEAR. Fear of not knowing what or where will I be after the execution. Of course, you'll think about your family but afterwards, when you're alone and about to be executed, what would I be thinking? Is there an afterlife? Will everything end? Don't want to think that. I'd probably breakdown.

Faith in God will be the only thing that would make me feel better. 

What about you? What would you feel?


  1. Sabi sa news, Hindi Nila Alam na bibitayin n sila until kinuha sila sa selda nung araw na iyun.. Nagulat nlng sila ng bibitayin n sila that day.. Ganun daw policy sa china.. Naisip siguro ng China yung naisip mo. Haha

  2. Ah yes yun nga sabi sa news pero nung nakita nila na nandun na family nila, naramdaman na daw nung mga ieexecute na bibitayin na sila